Altris Residence Floor Plans

About Altris Residence’s Developer, Beverly Group

At Beverly Group, we pride ourselves as visionary builders of iconic, value-added homes. 

In our pursuit to build spaces that will stand the test of time, we thoroughly ensure excellent workmanship that adheres to strict architectural standards are carried out through all stages of development.

Altris’ unique layout offerings cater to the wider market, with practical sizes for everyone. Homes here offer homebuyers flexible layouts, with multiple combination options for easy customisation of the interiors, to suit various lifestyles.

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Altris Residence’s Plans & Layouts

With a total of 16 typical layout plans to choose from, sizes at Altris Residence start from 646 sq ft and range to 2,272 sq ft.


Type A Layouts

Type A, A1 and A2
3 types of layouts,
2 bedrooms

Type B Layouts

Type B, B1/B2
Duplex units with 2 bathrooms

Type C Layouts

Type C, C1, C2, C3, C6-D
From 808 sq ft, limited exclusive pool deck units

Type D Layouts

Type D, D1, D2, D5-D
4-bedroom series from 937 sq ft

Type E Layouts

Type E, E1
5-bedroom, 3-bathroom units from 1,238 sq ft

Type E Duplex

Duplex layout for multi generation living 5 Room Duplex Dual Key

Super Prime Pool Unit

Type C6-D, Type D5-D

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